It’s hard to believe it’s 8 days since the election was held and still, the results remain inconclusive.  Meanwhile, the legal battle on the credibility of the election results is ramping up.  

In a big win for the Trump campaign, Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, announced on Wednesday morning that due to the razor thin margins as well as the ongoing legal challenges on the credibility of the election results, the state will have a complete and “full, by-hand recount” combined with an audit of all ballots cast in every county during the Presidential election. That, he said, “will help build confidence” in the state’s electoral system.

According to Raffensperger, this will be “an audit, a recount and a recanvas all at once.”

Georgia’s election results. Credit: Real Clear Politics

The process which is slated to begin by the end of the week is expected to be done by November 20 which is the State’s deadline to certify the election results.  The manual hand recount will also include recounting all the ballots previously counted by the controversial Dominion software.  

The Trump Campaign and the Trump Legal team have been aggressively pushing for a state recount. In addition to this, the campaign is also conducting investigations into allegations of ballot harvesting, unmatching signatures and dead voters, among other measures.  

States were the Trump Campaign has filed lawsuits to challenge the electoral results. Credit: Newsmax

Political observers and strategists see what is happening in Georgia as significant.  The prevailing view is that Georgia may just be the first shoe of many to drop in what may potentially be a domino effect if that state’s results become the first to be reversed,  If that happens, it could create a strong momentum for recounts in other highly contested states like  Arizona and Wisconsin.  

The deadline to certify election results in Georgia is 20 November, whereas in Pennsylvania and Michigan is November 23.  In Nevada, the deadline for the certification is November 24 and December 1st in Wisconsin.

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