The 2024 presidential election race is already underway just one week after the midterm elections.  

Former President Donald Trump officially launched his campaign for a 2024 presidential bid with a bang last night at Mar-a-Lago in a ballroom filled with hundreds of supporters.  He has even filed all the requisite paperwork with the FEC (Federal Election Commission), making this as real as it can get.

His launching speech was pitch perfect, forward looking and no longer about the past. Unlike his first launch in June 2015, this time around, Trump has a proven record to run on and one that can easily be contrasted with the current policies of the Democrats and Joe Biden Administration.

Former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on their way to the ballroom to officially announce his 2024 Presidential bid at their Mar-a-Lago resort home on Tuesday night, November 15, 2022. Credit: Reuters

Trump laid out a great case for his third bid for The White House, stating why he needed to run.  

Surprising many observers, Trump had the correct tone.  His messaging was right on point, uplifting and it touched all the right issues.  

Despite the pre-empted negative coverage and scepticism by the mainstream media, Trump proved them wrong.  Instead, he was more disciplined and remained largely positive throughout his deliverance of the speech that was hopeful, uplifting and even sounded more like an address to the nation.  

Former President Trump officially launched a comeback at Mar-a-Lago moments after filing required paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Credit: Reuters
The launch was a Trump Family affair with Eric Trump and his wife Lara Trump (Right), Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner (2nd Left) and Donald Trump Junior’s fiancé, Kimberly Guilifoyle (L) all in the front row at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Credit: AP

Overall, his speech was deemed excellent both in substance and tone by most political observers and punditry from all sides of the political spectrum.

In typical Trumpian fashion, the former President spoke of the campaign as if not of his own but rather, he emphasised the “our campaign” over-and-over again to indicate that it was the people’s campaign. 

Hee did not focus on any negative messaging or speak about the other wing of the party that is overwhelmingly against him, namely the party leadership aka  the RINOs and the Never-Trumpers.  Instead, he spoke directly to the American people who needed to know that someone had their backs, repeating his once popular line during the 2015-2016 campaign season by saying. “I am that guy who will fight for you.”

YOUR, the country’s companign.  He may become unbeatable in thecampaign and election.

What he did was double down on what he said during first term. (will set establishment after him).  In hindsight/reality, he [literally] declared war just as he did on his first term

Reminded people of what he did and has already done during first term, 

Basically what Trump did was go all in.  He said all the right things and touched all the right buttons.  He pointed out the struggles that Americans are facing while also offering solutions to relieve their suffering.  In other words, he focused mostly on policy and agenda.

by e.g. no lobbying after serving in office, talked of draining the corruption in Washington, transforming agencies like the DOJ and FBI.

Trump spoke of congressional term limits, eliminating stock trading by elected officials, draining the corruption in swampy DC and reforming agencies like the DOJ and FBI.

Focusing on his policy and agenda, he spoke of re-securing the border that the current administration has totally decimated and promised to be more tougher on drug dealers who are smuggling all sorts of elicit drugs into the US including the highly potent and deadly fentanyl.  At one point, he even hinted at legislation that will bring back capital punishment to drug dealers to put an end to the scourge of dangerous illicit drugs entering the U.S.

Bringing into focus the state of the current midterm elections and the unending tabulation of results, Trump spoke of election integrity and how far the country has fallen.  

Judging by his speech, what it means is that, going forth, there is going to be a compare-and-contrast between Trump’s own accomplishments during his first term and Biden’s policies and the Democrats’ agenda.  In other words, every mishap, will be magnified and pointed-out by Trump.   

For instance, he spoke of the humiliation of the U.S. on the global stage by Biden, pointing out how the senile geriatric always “falls asleep during conferences”, how he’s always confused and can’t find his way off the stage.  Not leaving anything, he also pointed how Biden was also “held in contempt” by the British Parliament.

President Trump stayed on point, never veered off the script that much and stayed clear of the past which often drove his supporter berserk.  In a way, those who had harboured reservations felt at ease after watching his speech, especially after reminding them of an ongoing runoff election in Georgia and calling on everyone to support Senate candidate, Herschel Walker.

With Trump having being the first candidate to throw his hat in the 2024 presidential race, he is already facing opposition from some within his own political party, the GOP, who will want to run against him.  So far, with his already proven record of success during his first term, his popularity with the MAGA Republican (GOP) base that is loyal to him and his bravado, he will be tough challenge to defeat for the nominee.

Furthermore, Trump has taken a severe pounding for the last 7 years but through it all, he has always remained  true to form.  His words are no longer a campaign promise but based on provable record successfully delivered in the past. That’s why if he stays on message, remains disciplined and sticks to the script, Trump may prove very difficult to defeat.  

And this is why.  He has done it all and successfully.  He will also be the only one on stage who has a proven record to run on and most importantly, he cares about America, 

As it stands, Trump is now the GOP frontrunner and anyone who challenges him will have to prove that they can do better than what he has already delivered.