Real Clear Politics has rescinded its call of Pennsylvania for Joe Biden thereby instantaneously nullifying his premature, media-driven “President-Elect” status.  The reversal on Monday evening diminishes Biden’s electoral vote lead to just 259 which is way below the threshold required for electoral victory.  

Real Clear Politics Electoral College count shows Joe Biden at 259, down from 270. Credit: RCP

RCP’s action has put the Keystone State back on play and possibly within the reach of President Trump, raising hope for the much needed electoral victory which, not long ago, seemed was about to elude him.  

Although RCP now claims it never called the state for Biden, it nonetheless did give Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes to him and adjusted the count accordingly.  

Joe Biden’s Electoral College count without Pennsylvania. Credit: RCP

The fact that they decided to now remove the state from the Biden column on Monday evening despite insisting they never called it for him on November 7, put the outlet in the spotlight and therefore on the defensive.

In turn, RCP was forced to respond with one of its co-founders Tom Bevan taking to Twitter to do just that.

“This is false.  We never called Pennsylvania, and nothing has changed,” he twitted.

Although major mainstream outlets haven’t reported on this recent change including a resulting reduction in the Electoral College count, the impact cannot be ignored. What it also means is that the same anti-Trump media that prematurely declared Joe Biden the next President ,can no longer continue to call him,  “President Elect” and should therefore rescind their premature adulation at best.  

The anti-Trump, left-leaning mainstream media including Fox News prematurely called the election and declared Joe Biden President-Elect” on Friday, November 6, 2020. Credit: CNN
Joe Biden continues to play “PresidentElect” despite the contested results, court challenges and incomplete balloting in major key states. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Joe Biden should also stop playing “President-Elect” because what he is continually doing with the full backing and urging by the media is simply just that: pretending to be something that he isn’t and may likely not ever become.  

The reality is that there is a process in place that should be followed to the latter for there to be a legitimate ‘President Elect’. So far, that process isn’t yet fully complete with the electoral outcome being challenged and results contested. Furthermore, there can never be a President-Elect until the Electoral College certifies the election results which, in this case, is yet to be done. 

Real Clear Politics which claims to be a non-partisan, independent political news outlet is a well-known political data aggregator.

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