On Wednesday, two days after parting ways with Fox News Media and after endless speculation from other media outlets surrounding  his abrupt departure, Tucker Carlson finally broke silence by releasing his first public statement on Twitter via recorded video.  

Within an hour of its release, the videotaped statement had already garnered 10x more views than those of his former slot, Tucker Carlson Tonight, shattering viewership ratings of Fox News and all other media outlets combined.  

With just those views alone, Tucker Carlson proved to Fox News, whose ratings have cratered to less than 50 percent their previous viewership, that he is more than just a primetime tv host with a huge and loyal following.  

Furthermore, what the continuing growth in views of his Twitter video proved is that, despised the concerted effort to silence and cancel him, Tucker Carlson is the voice of the people, the sane voice of reason who speaks directly to them and that he represents what they stand for – the truth.

Host and journalist Tucker Carlson on the set of his then Fox News primetime show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, was let go by Fox News Media on Monday, April 24, 2023. Credit: AP

In his short, 2 minute statement, Tucker reflected on the decency of the American people and spoke about the need for new ideas.  He then called for the abandonment of the ‘uniparty’ complex now inherent in American politics and took aim at the establishment media which he subtly pointed out exists in a bubble where “shouting matches” are often confused with “genuine discussion.” 

The wall-to-wall, non-stop coverage of Tucker Carlson which began on Monday has not relented.  Despite his former network, Fox News, not covering anything about him and pretending that he is no longer relevant, he has continued to dominate news coverage by all media outlets.  

If anything, the continued obsession with Tucker Carlson in all media platforms has all but relegated Fox News Media to an insignificant bleep on the overall landscape as every news outlet, talk show, pundits and politicians alike, jump in to voice their opinions either in support or criticism of the former tv host.

The fact that he remains the dominant topic of discussion across all media platforms, in a way, dismantles any argument or suggestion by those who advocated for his ouster including Fox News that Tucker Carlson is finished.

In his typical defiance style, Tucker Carlson ended his statement with a cliffhanger, telling his millions of viewers globally, “See you soon,” in what may be seen as a parting short  and warning to Fox News, that he isn’t done and neither will he be silenced.  

Tucker Carlson is the former Fox News host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the highest ranking show on cable news with viewers ranging between 3.4 to 5 millions every night.  It was the most watched primetime show on cable history.

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