Tonight kicks off the 2024 Presidential Election process with the highstakes Iowa caucuses in what is considered the most important election in this lifetime, a view shared by voters from both parties who believe that this election is about saving America from its final demise.

Facing off are four candidates, namely, former President Donald Trump who is leading by historic margins in all the polls; Florida Gov. Ron Desantis who travelled to all 99 counties but hasn’t been able to make traction or peel off the energetic Trump Supporters; former South Carolina Gov. and UN Ambassador in the Trump Admin, Nimarata Nikki (nee Randhawa) Haley,  tech entrepreneur and Vivek Ramaswamy.

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson who barely has one percent support is the other candidate..

Hours before the causes began, Trump deployed his MAGA-strong army of the ‘America First Movement’ lieutenants consisting of Congressman Matt Gaetz, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and many others including members of his own family.  These foot soldiers had the important task of telling Iowan voters to brave the brutal cold and get out and vote.  

As the front runner and already the presumptive party nominee, Trump is expected to out-perform his rivals and as polls stand, this race is his to lose.  In the meantime, both DeSantis and Haley will duke it out for the second place, the outcome of which each candidate believe will give them the much needed moment to dislodge the one candidate they have so far failed to knock down or out-campaign, Donald Trump.

Because of its electoral relevance, all eyes including those of the world are now on Iowa and whoever comes out on top as the winner.   

Iowa is the first in the nation in the electoral nominating contest of the 2024 Presidential Elections and the results will mark the direction of the electoral battle in the upcoming races.

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