The Senate cleared two more of President Trump’s judicial nominees on Monday after confirming two others last week, helping the president make good on his promise to fill the federal bench with conservative jurists.

Judge Karen Gren Scholer is a new Trump judicial nominee.

Karen Gren Scholer was confirmed to the Northern District of Texas Monday by a vote of 95-0. The Senate also voted 85-11 to confirm Tilman Eugene Self III to the Middle District of Georgia.

President Trump has placed 27 judges on the federal bench since taking office last January, when he faced an unprecedented amount of judicial vacancies. Fourteen of the 28 judicial picks took seats on circuit courts, while the other 13 nominees filled vacancies on district courts.

Judge Tilman Eugene Self III.

There are nearly five dozen more judicial nominees currently awaiting either hearings before members on the Judiciary Committee or votes before the full Senate.

Terry A. Doughty is expected to be considered by the chamber for a seat on the Western District of Louisiana on Tuesday.

President Trump has kept a steady focus on federal court vacancies, allowing him to outpace his predecessor. President Obama had 18 federal judges confirmed by early March of his second year in comparison to President Trump’s 27.



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