A most recent image of 93-year old former President Robert Mugabe and his wife, 52-year old Grace, was posted on a social media platform to reassure the public and his many supporters at home, in Africa and across the world that he is well and safe.

President Mugabe and his wife Grace with loyal friends at an undisclosed location. Credit: Twitter

The image of a somber and now tired-looking elderly former statesman was posted on Wednesday by his former party ZANU (PF)’s Twitter account after rumours started circulating that the President and his family may have been harmed by his captors – the military – who are keeping him confined and imprisoned either at an undisclosed location or at his home.

In the image, President Mugabe is seated next to his wife, Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe who is 41 years his junior and are pictured with with three of their loyal friends: former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (BZ), Dr. Gideon Gono (centre); personal Spiritual Counsellor, Father Fidelis Mukono (right) and Acting CIO Director General, Aaron Nhepera.

President Robert Mugabe and First Lady Grace Mugabe during a rally a few days before military intervention, Harare, Zimbabwe. Credit: Ekesai Njikizana/AFP/Getty Images

The former First Lady of Zimbabwe who is currently the least popular and most hated person in Zimbabwe has neither been seen in public nor heard from since the soft military coup that dislodged her husband, albeit coercively, from power after 37-years rule.

Prior to the release of the image, it had been rumored that Mrs. Mugabe, otherwise referred to as “Dr. Amai” locally or popularly known as “Gucci Grace” outside Zimbabwe, may have been harmed or killed after news of her purported escape to neighbouring Namibia were refuted by their captors, the military.

ZANU (PF) tweeted a picture of the President with his wife in response to public concern over his safety and well-being. Credit: Twitter

Releasing the image by of the now deposed President by the coup-plotters was a PR stunt and response to growing public pressure.  It was also meant to reassure President Mugabe’s concerned supporters including a growing legion of fans and admirers globally, that he was safe.

While the situation in Zimbabwe is being staged by the coupl-plotters to appear normal with everyone,  on the surface, it is not. There is growing anger and resentment from a silent majority of Mugabe supporters locally and in the Diaspora who will not forget the forced removal of the revered elderly African Liberation Icon who was almost at the end of his term.

Emmerson Mnangagwa plotted the military coup to oust President Mugabe after he was fired from his position as Vice President a week earlier. Credit: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP

The image of a now frail Mugabe has touched the hearts of many renewing their respect for him but not so much for his young wife who is blamed for bringing down a great man.

At this moment, it would be wise for the outspoken former First Lady to keep a low profile and stay away from the public for her own safety until emotions on both sides have cooled down.

While the Mnangagwa-Chiwenga orchestrated military coup disguised as constitutional may have also intended to discredit the former President, it may have inadvertently created the opposite effect as respect and renewed support for Mugabe is growing.

Robert Mugabe the African Liberation icon in April 1980 with his late Ghanian-born wife, Sally Hayfron Mugabe. Credit: Getty Images

It has elevated Robert Mugabe’s hero status and revived his profile as an African Liberation icon, a true patriot and one of the last surviving Founding Fathers and defenders of pan-Africanism.   His final selfless act of giving up what he loves the most has earned him respect and renewed support including from some of his most ardent detractors.

As for what awaits Zimbabwe in the post-Mugabe era, Zimbabweans like the rest of the world are waiting to see what next as the jocking for power, positions and influence begins.



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