Keeping in line with the now familiar Trumpian philosophy of keeping everyone guessing and in suspense, President Trump is set to announce his pick of the Supreme Court judicial nominee on Monday evening at 9:00 pm EST during prime time viewing. The successful nominee will replace the retiring 81-year old Justice Anthony Kennedy.


Speaking to reporters on Sunday afternoon enroute to Washington DC from his Bedminster Golf Course in New Jersey, Trump said he has finally narrowed his pick of potential nominees to three Federal Appeals jurists all Conservatives namely: Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge and the only female, Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

All three contending jurists who are Conservatives, married and viewed as strict adherents of the Constitution and not activist judges have each met with the President in person prior to the final announcement.

The United States Supreme Court. Credit: AP

According to unnamed sources involved in the vetting process, President Trump is said to be looking beyond individual qualification.

“What really matters is, does this nominee fit a central casting image for a Supreme Court nominee, as well as his or her spouse?” said the source. “That’s a big deal. Do they fit the role?”

President Trump enroute to Washington DC says he is ready to make a decision on his SCOTUS nominee. Credit: AP

Speaking to a crowd on Thursday evening during a campaign rally in Montana, Trump said, “If you tune in Monday at 9 o’clock, I think you’re going to be extremely happy with the selection” and without tipping his hand, added,

“And they’re great.”

Supreme Court Judge Justice Neil Gorsuch and wife Marie Louise Gorsuch are example of a ‘perfect couple’ the president is looking for. Credit: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

With this current nomination, President Trump is following in the same process he used when he appointed another Conservative jurist, Justice Neil Gorsuch to fill a Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2015 and after a year- long filibuster of an Obama-appointee by Republicans.

“I’ll say on the record that I am interviewing some extraordinarily talented and brilliant people and I’m very, very happy with them and we will pick somebody who will be outstanding,” said Trump before indicating the appointed jurist will be in the Supreme Court “for many years to come.”

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a Conservative, devout Catholic and mother of seven. Credit: University of Notre Dame

Of the now three frontrunners, reports indicate that President Trump may be leaning towards the only woman potential nominee, Justice Amy Coney Barret, a former Notre Dame professor, devout Catholic, mother of seven and a true Conservative.

The much anticipated announcement on Monday during prime time viewing is a made-for-TV huge event that will draw millions of viewers in a country where Supreme Court nominations or any other judiciary appointments are highly charged, political and partisan.



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