Now that the impeachment of President Trump is official and over, the Senate trial is on hold, courtesy of the House Speaker. 

Nancy Pelosi is refusing to handover the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate threatening an indefinite hold in a constitution extortion endeavour to influence both the process and the outcome. In so doing, she is depriving the Senate from proceeding on to the next stage of the impeachment process while simultaneously denying President Trump his rights to a fair trial.

This stunt indicates that Democrats are in total panic after impeaching Trump as they realize that their case is a dud that is dead-on-arrival on the Senate floor where GOP Senators are in control.

President Trump heads to a Christmas rally in Battle, Michigan as Democrats vote to impeach him on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Credit: Reuters

It has also dawned on them that once Articles are in the Upper Chamber, they will set in motion the second step of the impeachment process, which is a fair trial where President Trump and his lawyers actually get to participate. It is here where Trump is expected to be acquitted and fully exonerated due to the Democrats’ weak case but most importantly, due to the fact that there were no alleged crimes committed that warranted impeachment.

Furthermore, Pelosi and the Democrats may be realizing that with the GOP-controlled Senate, it is unlikely to get any defections to vote out the President or, better yet, that there will be a two-thirds majority who will vote to impeach a President on flimsy “constitutionally incoherent” charges driven by visceral “partisan rage” and not by “guilt or innocence.”

Nancy Pelosi and members of the House Dems senior leadership during a presser after the impeachment on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Credit: AP
President Trump seen with Democrat House leader Nancy Pelosi at The White has been the target of impeachment by Democrats long before he was sworn into office in January 2017. Credit: Getty Images

Could this stunt have been planned in advance? Or could Pelosi and her radical Democrats having a buyer’s remorse? Alternatively, could it be that they now fear proceeding with the trial which knowing that witnesses they have resisted to produce and protected such as the Bidens, Shifty Schiff and the whistleblower could be compelled to appear?

In any case, whatever the (mis)calculation was, without the Articles, there cannot be a Senate trial and President Trump will once again be unable to defend himself. In fact, if that were to happen, this means that Trump will remain in impeachment limbo and thus denied the opportunity to fight the charges and clear his name and reputation.  Could that have been the motivating objective for this stunt?  

President Trump is the third U.S. President to be impeached since the adoption of the Constitution in 1788 but he is also the first President ever to be impeached without any alleged crimes.

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