On Wednesday night, fans of the reality TV show Big Brother were treated to an intriguing first ever premier episode on CBS of what is promising to be an interesting first season of Celebrity Big Brother.

The Celebrity Big Brother (2018) houseguest in the Big Brother House. Credit: CBS

Eleven high profile celebrity houseguests who entered the Big Brother House will be staying under one roof and locked away from the rest of the world for 3 weeks.

During their entire stay, the celebrity brunch will have no access to electronic gadgets liketheir favourite cellphones, internet, social media and for some, they will have to do without their glam squads.

Meet The Houseguests

The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 cast (L-R): Metta, Brandi, Keisha, Ross, Shannon, Mark, Omarosa, James, Marissa, Ariadna and Chuck. Credit: CBS

Brandi Glanville known for her love of “getting drunk and drinking wine” quickly gravitated towards the only area of the BB House she knows would give her comfort – the bar.

Without mincing words, the 43-year old says she “will do anything for money” pointing out that when it comes to her, there are “no in-betweens”.  It’s either you love her or hate her.

Brandi Glanville doing her pastime, drinking and getting drunk at the Celebrity Big Brother house. Credit: CBS

Brandi’s strategy and motivation could be hidden in one of the best lines of the night, that she is a “desperate middle-aged woman” who needs money “to pay for Private School” for her sons which she admitted is expensive.

Mark McGrath the Rock Star introduced himself as Lead Singer for the band,Sugar Ray.  He was followed by Hollywood Housewife, TV Personality, author and entrepreneur, Brandi Glenville.

Rock Star Mark McGrath is a houseguest at the Celebrity Big Brother House 2018. Credit: CBS

Basketball Player and NBA Champion for LA Lakers, Metta World Peace in his intro said he changed his name in 2011 to Metta in order to “reflect the environment” of the time. Although he admitted to knowing nothing about the Big Brother game play, his best line so far, regardless of his novice state was,  “This is mine.”

Former Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez whose acclaim to fame was as a result of an epic era in2015 by Steve Harvey after he accidentally crowned her Miss Universe only to have the decision reversed.  She rose to fame after that incident.

Lakers and NBA Champion Metta World Peace with his boss Jeanie Buss. Credit: CBS

Ross Mathews, Radio Host for Hollywood and BB super fan since Episode 1 of Season 1 believes that in the Big Brother House, “Every puppet needs someone to pull the strings.”

Whether that’s in reference to himself or other houseguests, it is a mystery that is yet to unravel like everything else in this unpredictable, fast-paced reality show,

Colombian model Ariadna Gutiérrez iCBSn Celebrity Big Brother 2018. Credit: CBS

After the intro, the fun began when the first group officially entered the Celebrity Big Brother House and like children to select rooms where they will spend the next 3 weeks and call it home.

As if guided by a radar, the first room Brandi located was the bar, where she was later seen sitting comfortably doing what she does best: getting drunk.

The second group of six Celebrity Houseguests entered the Big Brother House with little to no knowledge as to who their fellow housemates were with the exception of the audiences at home who already had had the privilege of knowing who they are in advance.

Celebrity Big Brother Houseguest (L-R): Shannon Elizabeth, Keisha Knight Pullman, James Maslow, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Omarosa and Chuck Liddell. Credit: CBS

Actress turned wildlife Conservationist Shannon Elizabeth who moved to Cape Town described herself as another Big Brother superfan and poker player who thinks “Living in the Big Brother House is a piece of cake.”

Although quick on her feet and strategic thinking, Shannon is hoping that her poker playing skills may come handy in this fiercely competitive house.

Rock Star Mark McGrath is a houseguest at the Celebrity Big Brother House 2018. Credit: CBS

“Tough Guy” and UFC Champion Chuck Liddell in an interesting intro equated going to the Big Brother House as stepping “into a fight”, an obvious metaphorical reference to the blood sport he is so used to.  That would be fun to watch.

Meanwhile, actresses Keisha Knight Pullman who enjoys cooking plans to use her “southern charm” as her strategy while Marissa Jaret Winokur’s social game will rely on her playing with “the girls” and “the boys”.

Although she is “super attentive to what is going on in the house,” Marissa’s seems depended on her sweetness to mask the threat that she is as a brilliant strategic player.

Big Brother: Celebrity houseguests(L-R): Omarosa, Keshia Knight Pullman and Brandi Glanville on the first-ever celebrity edition of BIG BROTHER . Credit: CBS

The overly confident James Maslow of the band Big Time Rush has a simple strategy, “Just win” and as he put it, “I don’t plan on changing who I am”.  If his attitude and big ego are anything to go by, then he may already have a target on his back.

Finally, the last Celebrity houseguest to be introduced was none other than TV personality and the recent former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman whose grand entrance included a catwalk and twirl on stage in a beautiful royal blue and black gown.

Omarosa Manigault Newman on Celebrity Big Brother 2018. Credit: CBS

Only the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Boardroom” and soon-to-be, “Queen of the Big Brother House” has the ability to cause quite a reaction  with a simple appearance without as much as doing or saying anything.  Just the sheer look on the faces of some housemates was priceless.

Marissa was definitely gobsmacked screaming “Oh, my God” upon seeing Omarosa; Keisha was taken by surprised while Shannon appeared unphased.

Marissa Jaret Winokur in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Credit: CBS

“I hate toxicity and negativity” lamented Ross Mathews as soon as Omarosa and her group officially entered into the Big Brother House where the others had already settled. Poor Ross, Omarosa was “the last person” he wanted to see in the House, seeing her presence as problematic.

Equating Celebrity Big Brother to politics, probably based on her own personal experiences at the White House and within the Trump Administration, with a single statement, Omarosa cemented her reputation as the vicious villain when she said, “There are people who may want to stab you at the back” warning, “you better watch out.”

Omarosa’s Strategy

Omarosa and Shannon are two great minds working together. Credit: CBS

Armed with experiences from pervious reality shows, Omarosa’s strategy coming into the Big Brother House sounds simple, smart and overall, strategically mature.  Although she acknowledged her “fiercely competitive” nature, her new game strategy moving forward is to control her “competitive nature to build trust” with other houseguests who, she suspects, may already be suspicious of her.

“I’ve got to control my competitive nature to build trust,” she said.

“I need to identify strong women I need to work with.  Now that Shannon is on board, I need to recruit more women,” she added.

Omarosa’s Womens Alliance

Omarosa’s “Women’s Alliance” scheming and strategizing (L-R): Omarosa, Marissa, Shannon and Ariadna. Credit: CBS

Beyond the shock and awe of introductions, Shannon and Omarosa, the two sharp and very brilliant minds seemed to hit it off automatically and immediately started strategizing.

After Omarosa suggested an women’s alliance, Shannon confided in her that she and Marissa were BFFs and that she would willingly partake in this alliance.

“Am I teaming up with Omarosa? This is insane ,” exclaimed a clearly shocked Marissa, adding she would rather be on her team than against her.  With Omarosa’s scheming and strategizing, the first alliance – Women’s Alliance –was formed.

With Omarosa’s strategizing and scheming, the three women – Shannon, Marissa and Ariadna together with other females, the first alliance of the season was formed.

First HOH Challenge

The first HOH Competition of the season. Credit: CBS

During the first Head of Household (HOH) challenge of the season, Omarosa won Immunity, ensuring her safety in the Big Brother House for another week.  Despite their portrayed strength, the men started falling off one by one to lose the challenge to women.

Marissa was the first to fall in 03:05 minutes blaming it on her thighs.  Metta World Peace lasted only 04:18 mins and became the first male to fall.  Thereafter, Rock Stat McGrath followed after 13:38 mins; Chuck (18:30mins) and then Keisha (23:03 mins) leaving Shannon and James Maslow as the final two.

With Shannon on the stronger side, James tried to negotiate a deal, something which Omarosa quickly shut down, leading to Shannon falling off and Shannon winning the first Head of Household season.

“This is a season for the women and we are coming for you,” echoed Marissa.  Meanwhile, Omarosa was miles ahead scheming on who among the strong men to take out through eviction, eyeing James as the Maslow potential culprit.

Post-HOH Twist: Big Brother Gift Bag

A new twist was added soon after HOH competition. Credit: CBS

Just when people when the female houseguests were starting to celebrate theirfirst HOH victory, Big Brother threw a wrench by announcing an unexpected twist: a Big Brother Gift Bag.  The bag holds a certain power to recast the HOH .

If someone get the power to recast, this means they overthrow the newly-crowned HOH and take over the role as Head of Houshold.  How does that process work, well…….with that, everyone is left to find out on Thursday evening.

Celebrity Big Brother will debut with a three night premiere on Wednesday February 7, Thursday February 8 and a live 2-hour eviction show on Friday February 9 at (8/7c) for all scheduled days.  The show’s finale will be on Sunday February 25 at (8-10 c).



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