It’s two days after the most contested and highly consequential U.S. Presidential Election in modern history and yet, the results are still unknown.  

Votes are still being counted in four major key states where President Trump has maintained the lead in three of them since election night.  These are Pennsylvania (PA), Georgia (GA) and North Carolina (NC) whereas in Nevada (NV), the margin remains razor thin with odds in Trump’s favour. 

President Trump maintains a lead in major swings states despite the reluctance to call those states for him. Credit: AP

At the same time, Arizona (AZ) is still in play with nearly half a million ballots still to be counted despite the premature calling of that state to Joe Biden by Fox News on election night with just 14% of the ballots counted.  As of now, the margins are tight and reports from the state indicate that President Trump could prevail and flip the state back to red with a thin lead.

Throughout the election night as well as on Wednesday, Trump was still leading with massive votes in two other key states, Michigan and Wisconsin before mail-in ballots miraculously popped up overnight, all of which went to Biden and not a single one to Trump.  

The Trump Campaign filed lawsuits in 3 key states to halt counting of mail-in ballots and challenge irregularities in November 4, 2020. Credit: Aimee Dilger SOPA Images/REX

In response to the inflow of the suspicious mail-ballots, the Trump Campaign launched legal action against the states challenging election irregularities.  They are also requesting a stoppage in the counting of unverified mail-in ballots in Michigan as well as a recount in Wisconsin. 

The Trump Campaign filed lawsuits in 3 key states to citing irregularities and requesting a recount in one on Wednesday November 4, 2020. Credit: AP

The Associated Press (AP) called Michigan for Joe Biden on Wednesday after the Trump Campaign indicated that it was filing a lawsuit to challenge the results and stop the counting citing irregularities.  Prior to that, President had been holding a huge lead with about 600 thousand votes when they halted the counting vote the night. It was during that period overnight that there was a sudden inflow of mail-in ballots which did not stop until a court injunction by the Trump Campaign put a halt to all the counting.  

This has been a surprising election that is still too close to call.  It is also historic in that not only did the Blue wave sizzle but there was an unexpected Red Wave that swept across America. If anything, there are strong indications that President Trump probably won the Election Day vote in every state of the Union save for the super Blue States like New York and California.

While in past and previous elections the delay in calling the winner have always been attributed to a “close call”, this time around it is different. The delays to calling out the winner is because there are too many ballots that still haven’t been counted due to massive mail-in ballots most of which are unverified.

The shambles of the electoral process including the delay in announcing the results in a way highlights rampant flaws in the U.S. poling system, a fact that has become so blatantly obvious that even countries like Venezuela are mocking the America’s voting system.

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