With lawsuits looming large, Apple has issued a rare public apology for slowing down iPhones with older batteries before the release of new models forcing customers to purchase new ones.  The practice had been going on without consumer knowledge until it was disclosed recently.

Apple CEO Tim Cooke. Credit: Reuters

Facing consumer outrage for micro-managing its devices, the company’s public apology posted on its website said, “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down.  We apologize.”

The apology comes with a $29 fix – a reduction of $50 from $79 for iPhone battery replacements to customers with certain older and newer iPhone models “to avoid unexpected shutdowns,” beginning in January 2018.  These include iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus including iPhone SE.

Apple also said it would make a number of changes including an update to its iOS software in early 2018.  The new features will let users know the state of their battery and whether or not it needs replacing.

Apple facing lawsuits after stating it slows down its aging iPhones. Credit: Reuters

In a rare move, the company known for not admitting or apologize for anything, this week acknowledged the mistake and apologized over its handling of the battery issue. The tech company said the new changes would be done “to recognize their [customers] loyalty and to regain the trust of anyone who may have doubted Apple’s intentions.”

The apology statement then goes in length to describe how the iPhone lithium-ion battery technology works. It pointed out that lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones like the iPhone, degrade over time.

The battery degradation said to be caused by many factors including extreme temperatures and numerous charging cycles will eventually lose strength over time. When that happens, the battery won’t hold as much charge as it did when it was brand new.

Apple CEO Tim Cooke. Credit: AP

Neither Apple consumers nor the public knew of the this practice until a blog post by Geekbench on December 18, 2017 wrote and posted results of the test they had carried out on iPhones.  The test and the published results had been done following a public discussion over “iPhone performance as a function of battery age.”

After the publication, Apple had no option but to come out to either defend the brand or refute the findings.  However, Apple shocked the business world after  and the media when it admitted to intentionally slowing down some iPhones, the outcome of which has resulted in consumer outrage and lawsuits.



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