The now ex-FBI Director James Comey found out he had been fired on television screens in the background where he had been addressing FBI employees.  When he heard the breaking news, Comey laughed it off, dismissing it as a “fairly funny prank.”

He thought it was prank.

Everyone who was in the room thought the now-former FBI Director was “caught flat-footed” when he looked up and saw his face flashing all over the TV screens in the room that he had been “fired.”

Comey, 56, had been addressing FBI agents and employees at a Recruitment event in Los Angeles.  He had been scheduled to give a speech shortly thereafter.  When news of his abrupt dismissal played out on television screens around the room, reports say he laughed it off and dismissed it as a “fairly funny prank.”

The White House handing out a Press Release to the Press Corps on FBI James Comey firing – Tuesday, 9 May 2017. Credit: White House

It was at that moment that FBI staff rushed into the room and ushered him into an office to confirm that the news about his dismissal was correct.  At that time, James Comey has not heard from the White House prior to the news.

The now-fired FBI Director had started his day in Florida where he addressed Police Officers there.  After news of his firing reached him, he decided not to give the speech and left Los Angeles.

President Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday in a move that caused an almost 2-hour standstill in Washington DC as lawmakers scrambled to understand what was happening.

Reasons for dismissal are attributed to his mishandling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton ‘s email server during a heated presidential election campaign.  Steps are already underway to finding a replacement for the now vacant position of the top Chief Investigator of the United States.


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