Russian President Vladimir Putin tripped and fell on Friday while waving to fans as he skated around the ice hockey rink during a victory lap at the end of an annual exhibition game in Sochi where he had earlier scored 8 goals.

Unaware of the carpet ahead of him, as two of his aids who doubled as his fellow team mates had raced behind in attempt to warn him but it was too late as the Russian Head of State who has shown-off his active man status, tripped and fell face first.

Without making a fuss of it, Putin, who is 66, quickly got up, waved again to fans and skated away as if nothing had happened.

Russian President Vladimir Putin waves to fans during a victory lap moments before tripped and fell on Friday, May 10, 2019. Credit: Reuters

During the exhibition game which has become annual tradition,, Putin scored 8 goals leading his side to a 14-7 victory before skating away to fall flat on his face during a victory lap, the single moment that will be remembered for this year’s game.

Russian President Vladimir Putin trips during a victory lap round the rink on Friday, May 10, 2019. Credit: ABC
Russian President Vladimir Putin falls face down first after tripping on a carpet on Friday, May 10, 2019. Credit: ABC

The Russian President who has cemented a reputation and portrays himself as a strong, active manly man, who is a badass, has images and videos showing him engaged in numerous outdoors activities including some indoors.

For instance, there are many images of a shirtless Putin on horseback and fly-fishing, hunting, scuba-diving and spear-fishing.

Outdoorsy Russian President Vladimir Putin sits shirtless on his horse in Siberia, August 3, 2009. Credit: Reuters/RIA-Novosti
Outdoorsy Russian President Vladimir swimming in a Siberian lake on August 3, 2009. Credit: Reuters/RIA-Novosti

He’s also been shown as an outdoorsy all-action man swimming, trekking, hiking, boating, flying a military bomber, playing ice hockey and dipping himself in frigid icy water even for customary epiphany.

Just like the annual exhibition ice hockey games, the 66-year old Russian has not shied away from doing and engaging in activities that depict him as an all-action, active manly man such as boxing, judo fighting, shooting, flying bombers and hanging out with exotic wild animals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin engages in judo training on December 18, 2009. Credit: Reuters

That’s the image the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin wants the world to know about him: an all-action, outdoors, active man man..

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