During the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, President Trump brought guests and attendees to their feet when he recognized and honoured 9-year old Sophia Campa-Peters who is suffering from a rare brain disease as the symbol of hope and national strength.



The young girl from Brownfield, Texas, who had solicited 10,000 people around the world to pray for her before a risky surgery had been told by her doctors that she may never walk.  She was at the Prayer Breakfast with her parents.

Recognizing Sophia, President Trump said the following:

“Here with us today is another symbol of hope, a very brave 9-year old girl named Sophia Marie Campa-Peters.  Sophia suffers from a rare disease that has caused her to have e many strokes.

Sophia Marie Campa-Peters suffers from a rare brain disease. Credit: Twitter

“At one point, the doctors told Sophia that she would not be able to walk.  Sophia replied, ‘If you’re only going to talk about what can’t do, then I don’t want to hear it.  Just let me try to walk,’” elaborated the President.

“She tried and she succeeded. And one of her doctors even told her mom, and they’re right here in the front row where they should be,” he told the guests, “This little girl has God on her side.”

Sophia Campa-Peters

Acknowledging the young girl and praising her mother, he hailed her as the symbol of strength to the nation.

“Today we thank God that Sophia’s with us, and she’s recovering, and she’s walking very well,” he said to the thunderous applause as guests and attendees stood up.

“And I have to say this Sophia, you may only be 9-years old but you are already a hero to all of us in this room and all over the world. Thank you, Sophia.”

President Trump then told attendees at the National Prayer Breakfast that, “Heroes like Sophia come from all across [the] country and from every different background.”

Pointing out to a shared commonality of “love”, “courage”, and “their sacrifice,” he said “We glimpse the grace of Almighty God.”

‘So today, inspired by our fellow citizens, let us resolve to find the best within ourselves. Let us pray for that extra measure of strength and that extra measure of devotion.

“And let us seek to build a more just and peaceful world where every child can grow up without violence, worship without fear, and reach their God-given potential.”



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