Female FBI agent with top security clearance, Daniela Greene, went rogue, travelled to Syria to marry an ISIS terrorist fighter she had been assigned to investigate. Within 2 months of her marriage and living in Syria, she realized the mistake she made and escape to the US.

In a movie-like extraordinary twist, FBI agent Daniela Greene fell in love with her target while she was married to an American in Germany when she ran off to meet the man in Istanbul, got married in secret and crossed to Syria in secret.

German rapper turned ISIS jihadist Denis Cuspert who goes by the moniker ‘Deso Dogg’ now goes by the name Abu Talha al-Almani is one of ISIS’ most notorious fighters and killer. Credit: Bancroft Media

According to a CNN Report, the female FBI Agent worked as a Translator for the Agency in Germany when she was assigned to use Social media to spy on German Rapper turned jihadist Denis Cuspert aka ‘Deso Dogg’.

The rapper turned jihadist was a prolific online recruiter for ISIS who gained his notoriety as one of the group’s most brutal foreign fighters.  He featured in most Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) videos and where in one of then, he threatened Obama holding a freshly severed head.

The Report obtained by CNN which has been classified until now, says Greene became close to the ISIS target she was investigating who then convinced her to join him in Syria.

Rogue FBI agent Daniela Greene has her face protect for fear of her life if identified. Credit:CNN

Without the FBI’s knowledge, then 38-year lied to her American husband that she was going to visit her Parents in Munich before leaving in late June 2014 in secret and without revealing her travel plans.   She then used Skype to contact Cuspert who arranged a plan for her to travel to Istanbul where they got married before crossing the border into Syria.

Two weeks into her marriage, the FBI agent realized the mistake she had done and that she was in too deep. She then contacted an unidentified individual in the US via email from Syria indicating she was having second thoughts.

In her email written on July 8, she said, “I was weak and didn’t know how to handle anything anymore…I really made a mess of things this time.”

FBI agent Daniela Greene ran away to Syria to marry ISIS jihadist Denis Cuspert now going by the name Abu Talha al-Almani only to run away 2 month to the US after discovering the mistake she had made.

She also wrote in another email indicating that, “I am gone and I can’t come back. I wouldn’t even know how to make it through, if I tried to come back. I am in a very harsh environment and I don’t know how long I will last here, but it doesn’t matter, it’s all a little too late…”

FBI Agency Daniela Greene is Czechoslovakian who was raised and grew up in Germany and later in the United States.  After a few months in Syria, she realized the mistake she had made and then escaped to the US where she was arrested on terrorism charged upon return.

She was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and was later released last summer in 2016.

Rogue FBI Daniela Greene ran away from her ISIS jihadi husband in Syria 2month after marriage. She was arrested in the US when she arrived and served 2 years in prison until summer 2016. Credit: CNN

The case and the incident which was obviously a major embarrassment to the FBI and security services had been sealed under the Obama Administration.  The incident was only brought to light recently when a judge unsealed some of the court documents.

Former State Department official under the Obama Admin, John Kirby, said there is no way Greene could have entered Syria without approval from top ISIS leaders.

“It’s a stunning embarrassment for the FBI, no doubt about it,” he said while pointing out that non-ISIS-affiliated outsiders trying to get in ISIS-controlled region in Syria risked “getting their heads cut off.”

ISIS jihadist Denis Cuspert aka ‘Deso Dogg’ praying at a mosque in Bonn, Germany before moving to Syria. Credit: ALAMY

“So, for her to be able to get in as an American, as a woman, as an FBI employee, and to be able to take up residence with a known ISIS leader, that all had to be coordinated.”

Daniela Greene now works as a hostess in a hotel lounge.  When asked about the case, she declined in a brief interview indicating she was fearful of discussing the details of her case indicating, “If I talk to you, my family will be in danger.”

The FBI who has hired Greene for her fluent German and had been extensively vetted had no idea she would later defect.

Daniela Greene whom her lawyer described as “smart, articulate and obviously naïve” says she now fears that if her location and identity were known her life would be in danger.



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