Christians worldwide are celebrating Easter, a religious celebration which begins on Thursday evening ending on Sunday (or Monday with others).  This is a special and symbolic religious event in the Christian calendar which brings together Christians of all backgrounds to celebrate what is considered the most important moment in the Christian faith.

Christians gather to acknowledge in celebration the selfless sacrifice of one man, his death and resurrection which gave faith that many hold so dear. Thursday signifies the beginning of a journey, the sacrifice and death that would lead to our redemption.  Friday and Saturday are very special days signifying the test of faith and power of fervent prayer, waiting prayerfully while the battle to get back to earth is being fought.

The Resurrection has great symbolism in Christianity. Credit: Shutterstock

Sunday, the resurrection day signifies a huge victory through the power of prayer and the strength of faith.  The 4 days (or 3) depending on one’s Christian affiliation sum up the importance of the Christian faith: salvation through redemption and forgiveness.  Hence in Christianity nothing is more important than the Easter holiday.

With Christianity in decline and dying in the west, this year’s celebrations of Easter are more meaningful and very significant in many ways. There is hope among Christians for the first time in a long time.  They are feeling less threatened, safe, very hopeful and no longer afraid to proclaim their faith without fear of persecution, discrimination or called bigots and other names.

Donald Trump won with over 85% of Evangelicals and Christians to become the U.S. President. Credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria

This year’s Easter will forever be remembered as one that Christians can once again wear their badge of Christianity with full pride in public and not hide it.  This can be credited to the election of President Donald Trump who has been fighting and promises to continue fighting for Christians all over the world.



This article first appeared on the Great Zim Traveller blog.


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