North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has arrived in Vietnam for a second highstakes summit and meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump set for February 27-28.

He arrived in Dong Dang, Vietnam, after travelling for almost 60-hours by train from Pyongyang through China, a 2,800 mile journey that took the leader and his entourage two-and-a-half days.  

Kim Jong Un is welcomed at Dong Dang, Vietnam after disembarking from the train on Tuesday morning, February 26, 2019. Credit: Press Association
Kim Jong Un arrived in Dong Dang, Vietnam, after travelling almost 60-hours by train seen on the background on Tuesday morning, February 26, 2019. Credit: Reuters

An enthusiastic crowd was there to greet and welcome Chairman Kim in Dong Dang where his train arrived before proceeding by road to Hanoi, the venue of the upcoming second highstakes summit with President Trump.

Kim, who is overly suspicious of the United States and the west is said to travel with his own toilet everywhere he goes because he fears his stool (faeces) may be stolen for sampling. Reports also indicate that his limousine has a special place for his toilet that is always by his side.

Kim Jong Un waves to the enthusiastic crowd that gathered to welcome him in Dong Dang, Vietnam after arriving by rail on Tuesday, February 26, 2019. Credit: Press Association
Kim Jong Un’s limousine is seen making its way to Hanoi, Vietnam on Tuesday morning, 26 February, 2019. Credit: Getty Images

Historic moment as a seating U.S. President Donald Trump gives a reassuring tug to a young North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Credit: AP

The two leaders are set to meet one-one on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the White House, while President Trump will spend the better part of Wednesday meeting with the Vietnamese government, he will seat down and have dinner with Chairman Kim later in the evening.

President Trump left DC on Monday for the summit and is due to arrive sometime today.

This is the second time President Trump and Chairman Kim are meeting face-to-face after their first historic meeting last year in Singapore on June 12.

Trump says he expects a “tremendous summit” with the North Korean leader. 

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