Saturday January 20 marked the First Anniversary Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of The United States of America.  Rather than spend his first anniversary celebrating the many accomplishments and successes achieved in the first year, he spent it in the Oval Office working the phones to get a budget deal during a Democrat-initiated government shutdown.


The first anniversary of the Trump Presidency was marked by two major events both of which were initiated by Democrats and their resist Trump movement: a government shutdown and the Women’s March which is an anti-Trump movement by far left liberal feminists. This year’s march had fewer participants and seemed diminished in most cities across the country than the previous year, that is, other than in liberal hotbeds like California and New York.

President Trump tweet on Democrat-initiated government shutdown. Credit: Twitter

The timing of the shutdown is not coincidental. It was planned in advance and in such a way that it coincide with President Trump’s anniversary to deny him the celebration for his most recent success – the Tax Cuts –  and other achievements in the previous year.

The shutdown was also timed to occur in such a way so as to undermine everything he has achieved and thus present him as a chaotic President with no idea of how to govern when in fact, the opposite couldn’t be more true.


anuary 20 spent his First Anniversary working the phones to address the Democrats-inititated shutdown. Credit: Getty Images

President Trump had initially planned to commemorate his First Anniversary in the Winter White House – his Mar-a-Lago Estate in Florida’s Palm Beach, celebrating with friends and attending a special fundraising dinner.  Those plans were cancelled as he had to spend the weekend and his first anniversary working to find a way to get a bipartisan deal to get the government going again.

Democrats do not want to give Trump any victories and denying him any success through any form of resistance including a government shutdown, albeit political arsonism, is what they are all about.

Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are holding the U.S. government hostage over DACA to undermine President Trump.

Since his inauguration last January, Democrats and their liberal allies in the media have engaged in a protracted and vicious battle against President Trump and his young Administration through resistance, all to undermine and discredit his presidency including any effort to govern.

Still smarting from a historical electoral defeat, Democrats have been engaged in perpetual resistance mode to discredit this President .  They are also hoping that their relentless, out-of-control and in-your-face resistance could eventually reverse the 2016 election results and topple the Trump Presidency.

The diminishing anti-Trump Women’s March had less participants protesting this year. Credit: Reuters

Looking back in the first year of the Trump Presidency, although there have been many successes, there were faced many obstacles, too.

From the Women’s March, illegal immigration protests to Mueller’s fake Russia collusion.  Add to that the Democrats’ impeachment attempts and the recent fake Fire and Fury biography; President Trump remained resolute and successfully advanced his “America First” agenda.

Despite the unrelenting fury of the Princes of the Op-ed pages, being branded a “racist” and “bigot” and having his mental stability questioned, Trump somehow managed to score significant political and legislative victories even after he was forced to fire his original, most trusted staff. Against all that, he remains the leader of the GOP and is still in the White House one year on.

Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer forced a government shutdown over DACA to deny President Trump a victory.

On the judiciary side, President Trump has scored big with Conservatives by nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court including nominating other Conservative judges to fill numerous vacancies in Federal Courts.  His accomplishments only appears to wear down all but his harshest of critics.

On the business side, Trump successful deregulated most of the Obama-era crippling anti-regulations which stifled business growth and innovation.  He also recently scored significant victory with major Tax Cuts which put more money back in the pockets of average Americans.

So far, Democrats have not recovered from resisting the historic Tax Cuts which are now popular with businesses and regular Americans. Hence shutting down the government is seen as the Democrats way wanted to take away the celebratory mode that had engulfed the country and create as much chaos as they could that would be blamed on President Trump on his First Anniversary.

Economy & Stock Market

The stock continues to hit record highs with President Trump’s pro-business policies and Tax Cuts. Credit: FOX Business

Since his inauguration, President Trump has presided over a growing stock market with GDP growth on an upward trend.  The unemployment rate is at a historic low in almost two decades, falling from 4.8 % to 4.1.% with over 200 thousand jobs created in December.

The Dow Jones Index average has soared from 18,259 to 26,000 in what has been termed the “most doubted bull market of all time” by economic analysts.  President Trump scored many trade deals in his first year and has passed many Executive Orders eliminating Obama-era job-killing regulations which stifled business growth.

President Trump also withdrew the United States. from the disastrous Obama-initiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and from the Paris Climate Accord, moves celebrated by most Americans and condemned by Democrats and their liberal opposition wing, the media.


While President Trump may have been unsuccessful in the total “repeal and replace” of ObamaCare, he did, however, eliminate a significant and important component it – the Individual Mandate.  He signed a tax bill that eliminated the Individual Mandate, a great accomplishment that has riled his harshest critics, mainly the Democrats and the media.

Foreign Policy

Credit: APPresident Trump ‘s inauguration on January 20, 2017.

In addition to rebuilding the military, President Trump has scored significant wins in the foreign policy front, restoring diplomatic relations with America’s biggest ally Israel and others in the region whose relations had been strained under Barack Obama.

Under his leadership, the Islamic State (ISIS) has been defeated and lost huge tracks of territory without putting America in another drawn-out war in the Middle East. The caliphate has since lost most of its territory and has most of its members now on the run.

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Asia. Credit: AP

Although challenges still remain with North Korea, there have been positive diplomatic manoeuvres to that point which saw a coherent consensus to the approach on sanctions by the world and the United Nations.

There has also been positive diplomatic progress with Russia on the foreign policy front.  Both countries have dialed back on their nuclear weapons bringing the global total down.

Illegal Immigration

Democrats forced a government shutdown over illegal immigrants. Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

One of President Trump’s successes has been on cracking down on illegal immigration with the number of illegal aliens entering the the country now drastically fallen.  The reduction has largely been credited to the Trump Administration’s heavy focus on enforcement something which hasn’t been enforced for decades.

On DACA, Trump is seen as the only person who has a greater chance of solving this problem that has confounded Washington for the past 30 years.   Should he succeed as Democrats are fearful that he could, he may score an even bigger symbolic victory and thereby increase his support base and popularity, something the Democrats don’t want to see happen.

Hence the government shutdown because Democrats know Trump can fix the DACA problem once and for all.  They just do not want to give him another legislative victory.



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