A man with a homemade bomb strapped to his body set off an explosion at a busy New York bus terminal a block from Times Square during rush hour on Monday, injuring himself and three others in what has been called “an attempted terrorist attack.”

NYP Officers outside New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal after the explosion, Monday 11 December 2017. Credit: Reuters

According to New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner, the suspect who attempted to blow himself up at the Port Authority Bus Terminal was identified as 27-year old Akayed Ullah, an immigrant from Bangladesh.

He suffered burns and lacerations to his hands and abdomen while a Police Officer and 3 other individuals had minor injuries.

New York City bombing suspect after a failed suicide bombing on Monday, 11 December 2017, New York City, New York.

The weapon – a pipe bomb –  which was described by Police as “amateur level” was attached to the suspect with a “combination of Velcro and zip ties.” The secure fastening indicates that Mr. Ullah may have intended to blow himself up in the busy subway during rush hour.

The incident which occurred at around 7:20 am was captured on surveillance video.  It showed smoke and a man lying in the tunnel that connects the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Times Square subway.

Emergency vehicles near New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, Monday 11 December 2017, New York City. Credit: Reuters

The suspect whose address has been identified as being in Brooklyn and is Bangladeshi, is reported to have been in the U.S. for 7 years. Following the incident, an entire block of that New York neighbourhood was shut down as NYPD started combing the place for evidence.

A large part of midtown Manhattan was cordoned off and closed to traffic while the bus terminal was temporarily shut down.

Scene of the Manhattan terror attack with a rented Home Depot truck, 31 October 2017. Credit: Reuters

The incident occurs less than two months after an immigrant from Uzbekistan killed 8 people after mowing down people with a rental truck at a New York City bike path.

In September 2016, a man injured 31 people when he set off a homemade bomb in New York’s Chelsea district.



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