President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe for an intimate ‘First Couples Dinner’ on Friday evening at The White House to celebrate the U.S. First Lady’s 49thBirthday.

The two leaders who have since developed a very close and personal relationship first met during the day for a bilateral trade meeting between their two respective countries – U.S. and Japan – where they hoped to reach an agreement over the issue of tariffs.

The First Ladies have also become close friends, an affection that has become obvious in public wherever the two meet.

The First Couples who have become very close celebrated Mrs. Trump’s 49th Birthday with an intimate ‘First Couples Dinner’ at the White House on Friday, April 26, 2019. Credit: AP/Susan Walsh
President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister have developed a very close friendship are seen here at the President’s Mar-a-Lago resort home and club with their spouses in April 2018. Credit: Reuters
President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister with their spouses at Mar-a-Lago known as the “Summer White House” on February 12, 2017. Credit: AP

The two leaders – Trump and Abe – planned to play a round of gold later on Saturday with the weather permitting.  

Like their husbands, the First Ladies Melania Trump and Akie Abe of Japan have become very close friends, seen her at a tour of the Japanese Gardens in Florida on February 11, 2017. Credit: AFP

President Trump is scheduled to visit Japan late in May next moth for a state visit together with First Lady Melania.  The two are are expected to also meet with the country’s new Emperor.

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