Zimbabwe’s usurper and illegitimate leader Emmerson Mnangagwa escaped unscathed an explosion which occurred during a campaign rally on Saturday in Bulawayo, the country’s second largest city and opposition stronghold.


According to reports, the blast occurred as he was leaving the stage at White City Stadium in the country’s second largest city and opposition stronghold. No fatalities were reported.

First-aid workers carrying injured people across for treatment after an explosion in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – June 23, 2018.

The unprecedented incident does not come as a surprise to many observers.  The only, however, is that the incident occurred in Zimbabwe, a peaceful nation that has long since been lauded for its peace-loving people.

Emmerson Mnangagwa (L) and his vice usurpers Kembo Mohadi (C) and General Constantino Chiwenga (R) before the explosion in Bulawayo, June 2018.

The blast which is the first one of its kind in the country left forty-one people injured among them the two vice presidents of the illegitimate military government, security personnel and members of the local state Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) TV crew.

The usurper Emmerson Mnangagwa campaigning in Bulawayo before the blast on June 23, 2018.

Mnangagwa, 75,  was in the City of Kings campaigning ahead of the upcoming general elections to be held in July.  The elections will be the first since the ouster of President Robert Mugabe from power by Mnangagwa and his military henchmen.

Usurper Emmerson Mnangagwa during a rally in Bulawayo on June 23, 2018.

After purging strong opposition within his own party in a near de-Zanufication process, Mnangagwa will be facing a weak opposition as challengers in what has already been termed an unfair election marred by intimidation in an uneven playing field.

Mnangagwa is expected to win the farce elections and despite the outcome, it will be a challenge to convince a large swath of Zimbabweans and critics both in Zimbabwe and Diaspora of his legitimacy in view of the manner by which he assumed the presidency.



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